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Faculty and Staff

Denise Collins Denise Collins
Adjunct Coordinator
143E Peltier
Phone: 985.448.4107/4100
E-mail: denise.collins@nicholls.edu
Louise Robichaux
Adjunct Math Coordinator
143F Peltier
Phone: 985.493.2625/4100
E-mail: louise.robichaux@nicholls.edu
 Louie Charpentier Louie Charpentier
Adjunct Writing Coordinator
143G Peltier
Phone: 985.493.2626/4100
E-mail: louie.charpentier@nicholls.edu

Holly Falgoust

Holly Falgoust
Graduate Assistant
143 Peltier
Phone: 985.448.4100
E-mail: holly.falgoust@nicholls.edu

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