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Faculty and Staff


 Faculty/Staff Headshots 2011 Dr. Michael Chiasson
Professor of Accounting and Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance; Betsy Ayo Endowed Professorship
133 Powell Hall
Phone: 985.448.4173
mail to:michael.chiasson@nicholls.edu
 kevin.breaux Dr. Kevin Breaux
Associate Professor of Accounting
EMBA Director
104 White Hall
Phone: 985.448.4218
mail to:kevin.breaux@nicholls.edu
  Xiaoyan Chu
Assistant Professor of Accounting
132 Powell Hall
Phone:  985.448.4212
mail to:xiaoyan.chu@nicholls.edu
  Margaret Diaz-Fugetta
Instructor of Accounting
126 Powell Hall
Phone:  985.448.4247
mail to:margaret.diaz-fugetta@nicholls.edu
 terry.evans-2013 Terry Evans
Instructor of Computer Information Systems
310B Powell Hall
Phone:  985.448-4202
Dr. Ronnie Fanguy
Professor of Computer Information Systems and Head of the Department of Business Administration and Computer Information Systems
101 Whie Hall
Phone: 985.448.4971
mail to:ronnie.fanguy@nicholls.edu
 Gene Gouaux Headshot 2013
Gene Gouaux, J. D.

Instructor of Business Law
147 Powell Hall
Phone:  985-448-4182
mail to:gene.gouaux@nicholls.edu
Dr. Krisandra Guidry
Associate Professor of Finance
103A White Hall
Phone: 985-448-4216
mail to:kris.guidry@nicholls.edu
 Stella Helluin Headshot 2014 Stella Helluin
Instructor of Accounting
149 Powell Hall
Phone:  985-448-4223
mail to:stella.helluin@nicholls.edu
Dr. Betty Kleen – Adjunct
216 Powell Hall
Phone: 985.448.4191
mail to:betty.kleen@nicholls.edu
 John LaJaunie Dr. John LaJaunie
Professor of Finance
103 White Hall
Phone: 985-448-4210
mail to:john.lajaunie@nicholls.edu
  Dr. Shari Lawrence
Associate Professor of Finance
101 White Hall
Phone: 985-448-4231
mail to:shari.lawrence@nicholls.edu
En Mao Headshot 2014En Mao Headshot 2014 Dr. En Mao
Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems; The Agnes Candies Endowed Professorship
151 Powell Hall
Phone: 985.449.7024
mail to:en.mao@nicholls.edu
Shawn Mauldin Headshot 2013 Dr. Shawn Mauldin
Dean of the College of Business Administration and Professor of Accounting
106 White Hall
Phone: 985.448.4170
mail to:shawn.mauldin@nicholls.edu
 Abdullah Noman Headshot 2014
Dr. Abdullah Noman

Assistant Professor of Finance
154 Powell Hall
Phone:  985-448-4215
mail to:abdullah.noman@nicholls.edu
 Sherry Rodrigue Sherry Rodrigue
Instructor of Computer Information Systems
127 Powell
Phone:  985.448-4749
mail to:sherry.rodrigue@nicholls.edu
Dr. Randy Ryker
Professor of Computer Information Systems and Professional in Residence
309B Powell Hall
Phone: 985.448.4738
mail to:randy.ryker@nicholls.edu
Faculty/Staff Headshots Fall  2014 Dr. Yu Zhang
Assistant Professor of Accounting
130 Powell Hall
Phone:  985.448.4984
mail to: yu.zhang@nicholls.edu
Gina Lagrange Headshot 2014 Gina LaGrange
Administrative Coordinator
Accounting and Finance
133 Powell Hall
Phone: 985.448.4176
mail to:gina.lagrange@nicholls.edu

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