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Dr. John Lajaunie

Professor of Finance








There’s no use memorizing sections of the finance textbooks
for Dr. John Lajaunie’s classes. On his exams, he won’t ask you to
write the definition of the bold-faced words or discuss the
sidebar on page 83. But don’t toss your book out the window
either. These are no easy multiple choice exams. Lajaunie
expects his students to go beyond memorization and learn
the subject well enough to be able to apply it.

“Students may say my strategy is ‘torture until they scream,
‘ ” Lajaunie says. “However, my strategy is really to show you
what you can learn, not what you already know.”

Lajaunie admits that he challenges his students and that they
sometimes respond in panic. However, he poses the question,
“If I ask you what you already know or to regurgitate information
from a chapter, have you really learned anything?” Despite the
occasional alarm before an exam, Lajaunie’s students appreciate
the learning environment of his classes and his accessibility.

Lajaunie, who began teaching at Nicholls State University in fall
1991, says he thoroughly enjoys instructing students, especially
at the senior and graduate levels. What he values the most is the
access students have to him and his College of Business colleagues.

“We always talk about Nicholls having a personal touch, and the
fact of the matter is that is how we teach in the College of Business,
” Lajaunie says. “We have highly qualified instructors working
where students can easily get in touch with them; that makes
this an incredible educational value.”

Lajaunie has no trouble filling up his free time with hobbies,
such as hunting, fishing, gardening and cooking with his wife
and children.

B.A., Louisiana State University; M.A., Ph.D., University of New Orleans

Contact information:
103 White Hall
Phone: 985.448.4210
mail to:john.lajaunie@nicholls.edu





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