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Dr. Randy Ryker

Professor of Computer Information Systems and Professional in Residence









Of all people, Dr. Randy Ryker knows he can use his computer to network with others across the world without ever leaving his home or office. Don’t expect him to trade in his suitcases for the latest computer model though.

Over the years, Ryker has traveled to numerous Caribbean islands, England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and other destinations.  He spent the 2002-2003 academic year teaching computer information systems at the University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago as a Fullbright Scholar.

In the United States, Ryker’s teaching career hasn’t been limited to computer information systems courses or Louisiana schools. For one year, he taught college-level sociology courses to inmates and guards at Florence State Prison, the only maximum security prison in Arizona.

Ryker was also the city-wide director of the Neighborhood Watch Program in Memphis, Tenn. He gave Neighborhood Watch Program presentations in the wealthiest and safest as well as the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the city.

Before coming to Nicholls State University in 1994, Ryker worked for ten years as the Computing Resource Manager for the Department of Health Services Research at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  The department was responsible for decision support and strategic planning for the Baptist System which included the flagship hospital in Memphis and thirteen regional hospitals within one hundred miles of Memphis.

Aside from teaching computer information systems, Ryker has developed a specialized computer networking laboratory at Nicholls where students can experiment with installing and testing local area networks. To keep costs low, Ryker arranged for the laboratory to utilize used computers, which also ease students concerns that they will break equipment while learning to set up networks.

B. A. Psychology, M. A. Sociology, M. S. Computer Science, Ph. D. Business Administration

Contact information:
309B Powell Hall
Phone: 985.448.4738


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