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Faculty and Staff

Faculty members in the Department of Accounting and Information Systems possess extensive professional, academic and research experience.

Learn more about Department of Accounting, Finance, and
Information Systems faculty members.

Department faculty members with specific research and teaching interests in accounting are listed below. Click to read their bios.

Dr. Kevin Breaux, Associate Professor of Accounting

Dr. Michael Chiasson, Professor of Accounting and Head of the Department of Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems; Betsy Ayo Endowed Professorship

Dr. Xiaoyan “Tony” Chu, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Margaret Diaz-Fugetta, Instructor of Accounting

Gene Gouaux, Instructor of Business Law

Stella Helluin, Instructor of Accounting

Dr. Shawn Mauldin, Dean of the College of Business Administration and Professor of Accounting

Dr. Yu Zhang, Assistant Professor



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