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Q. How is the job market for accounting graduates?
The job market for accounting graduates is very strong. In fact, most of our students are employed before graduating or shortly thereafter. The department maintains a strong working relationship with local employers and provides them with assistance in filling vacancies in their organization. Visit Careers to learn more.

Q. Is the accounting program at Nicholls State University just geared towards students who are interested in taking the CPA exam?
No. Although students are generally encouraged to take the Certified Public Accountant exam, the accounting program at Nicholls takes a broad approach preparing students for all aspect of accounting – public, private industry and government.

Q. Will I be prepared to sit for the CMA, CIA or CPA exams with an accounting degree?
Yes and no. If you graduate with an accounting degree from Nicholls, you will be prepared to sit for the Certified Management Accountant and the Certified Internal Auditor exam. With regard to the CPA exam, you will need an additional 29 credit hours. An accounting degree consists of 121 credit hours. In order to be a candidate to sit for the CPA exam, you must complete 150 credit hours. Therefore you will need another 29 credit hours to take the CPA exam. Learn more about CMA, CIA and CPA by visiting Professional Accounting Designations. Click here to read more about the CPA exam.

Q. How can I get the additional 29 credit hours that I will need to sit for the CPA exam?
There are many ways that you can obtain the additional hours that you will need to sit for the CPA exam. Many students pursue a double major, such as accounting and information systems to obtain the additional hours. Others chose to obtain a Master of Business Administration.

Q. How do I find out who my adviser is?
You will be sent a letter from the department head at the beginning of each semester informing you of your adviser. This letter will give you contact information for your adviser, as well as other information about registration for the next semester. If you are not satisfied with your assigned adviser or would prefer to be advised by someone else, that is perfectly acceptable. You can select the faculty member who you feel most comfortable with. We are here to make your time at Nicholls as pleasant and productive as it can be.

Q. Should I participate in the internship program?
Yes. Students find it very beneficial to participate in the internship program to gain practical experience before graduating. If you participate in the program you will earn up to three credit hours towards your degree requirement. Additionally, students are often offered full-time positions after completing the internship.

Q. When and how do I apply for graduation?
Potential graduates are notified by letter from the university about Graduate Day. Graduate Day takes place on a Friday, the week before the start of the semester. Students are required to visit the department of their major and fill out a graduation application. An appointment will be scheduled at that time for them to meet with the department head for an exit interview the following week. Then the university gives a nice graduation presentation later in the afternoon followed by a reception in the Student Union ballroom with door prizes.

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