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Supervision and Management


This concentration is tailored to students who wish to work in health care management but also want to be knowledgeable about medical care environment. The program also meets the needs of allied health students who decide they would prefer to work in management rather than patient care. Professionals who have earned an Associates Degree and maintain  health care credentials and/or licenses may be granted 27 credit hours toward this degree.

Required business courses emphasize services marketing, human resource management, organizational structures and current issues in health care management. Contemporary health care concerns, including accountability and cost effectiveness in clinical care, are discussed in allied health courses.


Advanced Standing is required to complete this concentration.  Students must satistfy the Advanced Standing Requirements. 

AHSM – 2015-2016 fillable form (Curriculum Guide/PDF)

AHSM – 2014-2015 (Curriculum Guide/PDF)

AHSM -2013-2014 Curriculum Guide (PDF



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