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When you’re ready to join the family, click here to apply. Or if you’ve already started your application, click here to check your application status.

If you are experiencing a problem paying application fees or tuition & fees try one of the following:

  1. Try Firefox or Chrome. These tend to work better. IE9 has many known issues.
  2. Click the “Compatibility View” button if you get a blank page. This should allow you to proceed.

We’re glad you’re here. Start your journey to become a Colonel by applying online today! You can complete the application over multiple sessions, with your data being securely stored and transmitted. Once you submit your online application, we’ll contact you if additional information needs to be submitted for a decision.If you need help, we’ll assist you with the step-by-step application process.

Before starting the application, you will be asked to create an account. This login is required to access your application and check the status of your admission. You will need to know your username and password for future use. The non-refundable application fee ($20 US Citizen, $30 Non-US Citizen) is required before we process your application.

Completing the wrong application may delay your admission, so please read the sections below before selecting an application type. The following applications are available online after you login to the Banner system:

Undergraduate Applications (Seeking Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree)

A person applying for undergraduate admissions must complete the application that best describes his/her student type. Select one of the following:

  • First-time College Student if you have never attended a university, college, or other post-secondary institution after graduating from high school. If you have earned credit through Dual Enrollment, Early Start, or Concurrent Enrollment, and not attended some other school after graduating high school, you would select this option.
  • Transfer Student if you have attended some university, college, or other post-secondary institution after graduating from high school, regardless of your age. Even if you went to a college but withdrew during your first semester, you would still apply using this application type. You will complete this application even if you have earned a degree from another institution.
  • New Adult Student-25 or older if you are aged 25 or older and have never attended some other university, college, or other post-secondary institution after graduating high school.
  • Reapply as Undergraduate if you are a former Nicholls student that did not attend for a fall or spring semester. Choose this application if you attended Nicholls, went somewhere else, and are now returning.
  • International/Exchange Undergraduate if you are a non-citizen planning to pursue a degree or if you are participating in a one or two semester international exchange program at Nicholls.
  • Nondegree Visiting Undergrad if you are interested in attending as a Visitor student. Examples of those that would apply in this category include Transient students, Senior Citizens, and those wishing to attend for only a summer semester.
  • Cross Enroll from Fletcher if you wish to cross enroll for a certain semester with Nicholls from Fletcher Technical Community College. (You are taking more courses at FTCC than at Nicholls.)

Graduate School Applications (Seeking Certifications, Master’s Degree or seeking Graduate level credit)

A bachelor’s degree is required to apply for one of these degree programs and admission to graduate school does not guarantee admission to the program of which you have applied. A person applying for graduate admissions must complete the application that best describes his/her major or curriculum of instruction. Select one of the following:

  • Educ – Alt Certification for the Non-Masters Alternative Certification Program.
  • Master in Business Admin for the Masters in Business Administration. This is for the on-campus degree, and not the executive program.
  • Master(Exec) in Busin Admin for the Executive Masters in Business Administration program. This is different from the regular MBA program in it’s delivery method and consists of intensive coursework over several months.
  • Master Marine & Envir Biol for the Masters in Marine & Environmental Biology program.
  • Master Programs in Mathematics for the Masters in Mathematics program.
  • Masters in Education or Psyc for the Masters program in Education or a Masters in Psycological Counseling or School Counseling.
  • Specialist in School Psyc for the Specialist in School Psychology program.
  • International Graduate if you are an international student who wishes to pursue a graduate level program.
  • International Exchange Graduate if you are an international student who will be attending Nicholls as part of an exchange program.
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