Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art (Studio)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art (Studio) curriculum emphasizes the development of the student as a working artist, equipped with the critical thinking, technical skills and creativity required by the major field of study.


In addition to the university-wide core curriculum, the degree requirements follow this progression: all areas of studio fundamentals courses, various studio courses at the advanced level, followed by a senior show exhibition. Bachelor of Arts students are also required to take 12 semester hours of art history.

If you are a registered art student, you must take the following courses as they are required for further art classes:ART 201 — Beginning Drawing and ART 251 — Beginning Design.After completion of ART 251 — Beginning Design, students must enroll in ART 252 — Color Design the following semester.ART 252 — Color Design must be completed before taking any 300-level art courses.