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Joseph Holsapple

holsapple_images Assistant Professor of Art (Painting and Drawing):
B.F.A., Memphis College of ArtM.F.A., Indiana UniversityContact Information:
The Art Offices, Talbot Hall
Phone: 985.449.7102
E-mail: joseph.holsapple@nicholls.edu

Assistant Professor, Joseph Holsapple’s current work explores the subject of still life painting as a convergence of memory, imagination, and perception. He paints toys and common household items that together evoke the domesticity of childhood. The objects are painted both from observation and memory. The spaces they inhabit are wholly invented and change continually as he works, allowing the image to slowly move towards increasing clarity. The painting retains evidence of this fluid process, evoking the transience and intangibility of passing time.
As objects accumulate, the image results in an anxious clutter of discarded items and half-formed shapes that seem to exist in the aftermath of a tragedy. The space is dreamlike and suffused with an ethereal light that lends the objects a poetic weight. Mr. Holsapple wants the paintings to unfold before the viewer, to grow more complex as one looks. The fluid, even joyful, use of paint allows forms that at first read as only smudges or abstract shapes to come into focus as objects. As the viewer explores the space, the act of looking becomes one of discovery and delight. Childhood anxieties and the tragedy of loss are interwoven with a renewed joy and liveliness. The objects, suspended between these contrasting experiences, become players in a drama that speaks to the mystery and complexity of living.

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