Extracurricular Programs

The Department of Art hosts the following special programs for students and, in some cases, open to the general public.


Wednesday afternoons from 4 to 6 p.m. in Talbot 202

Want to practice your drawing skills but don’t have the time to take another drawing class? Join Gaither Pope and his Band of Merry Men (and Women) for an afternoon of drawing just for the heck of it! The clinic is open to anyone who is a registered student and interested in getting a little practice. Whether you like to draw, hate to draw or were forced to practice your drawing skills by another instructor, Gaither’s Drawing Clinic is perfect for you.

For more information, please contact: gaither.pope@nicholls.edu.



Each semester, members of the faculty, the Art Club and Kappa Pi put together creative excursions for students to learn about art outside the classroom. During the Fall 2006 semester, students and faculty traveled to LUMCON, a biological research facility in Chauvin, where students were able to create art projects and collect artifacts.

heidi photo


The university’s annual Jubilee Festival is held each spring to raise awareness in the arts and humanities. The festival consists of musical, artistic, theatrical and literary events for the campus and community.

The Department of Art has designated a special day during Jubilee called Art Day. Each year, visiting artists come to the Nicholls Department of Art to demonstrate their craft, speak about their profession and display their work in the Faculty Exhibition, which is held the week prior to Art Day. If you would like more information on Jubilee, or for a listing of visiting artists, please visit the Jubilee Web site.