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General Requirements


The athletic training program consists of two phases: pre-professional and professional.

The pre-professional phase of the Athletic Training Program (ATTR) is generally in the student’s freshman (first) year.  The purpose of this phase of the program is to provide the student with basic study in the University’s general education and to identify those students who are interested in gaining admittance to the Athletic Training Program.  The student will gain valuable experience of athletic training through an introductory course study (ATTR 101) and clinical experiences (ATTR 102) in Athletic Training.  In addition, this phase of the program will enable the student to see firsthand the commitment involved, both academically and clinically, once formally admitted.

Professional Clinical Phase (generally begins with the student’s Sophomore Year)

To maintain the quality of the academic and clinical experiences encountered, the ATTR Admissions Committee shall selectively admit students into the professional clinical component each year.  Only those students meeting the selective admission policy requirements and formally admitted to this phase of the program are allowed to take advanced ATTR course work and associated clinical experiences.

Once admitted to the professional clinical phase, students are expected to comply with various ATEP Program requirements, such as:

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