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Application Process



Admittance to the Professional Clinical Phase of the program generally occurs after the conclusion of the student’s spring semester of their Freshman Year.  The ATTR program maintains minimum requirements for students seeking application consideration.

To apply, each student applicant MUST meet the following application requirements to be eligible for selective admission to  the program:

  • Be currently enrolled in ATTR 100 – Introduction to Athletic Training.
  • Have completed and/or enrolled in at least 24 credit hours of the ATTR curriculum.
  • Have completed and/or enrolled in the following prerequisite courses:
  1. BIOL 114-115 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lecture and Lab
  2. BIOL 116 – Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lecture

NOTE: Meeting these application requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.


Clinical Health and Safety Requirements Policy

Each student MUST submit evidence of meeting the departmental and programmatic health and safety requirements to the clinical coordinator by December 1st of each year.  Students will not be permitted to continue clinical experiences without evidence of the following.

  • Annual clinical compliance shall be obtained from University Health Services (UHS).  Each student will need to schedule an appointment with UHS (985-493-2600) to obtain their compliance verification document.  Students must either submit supporting documents from their personal physician to UHS or may schedule an appointment with the physician in UHS.  Each student must document the following:
  1. Evidence of hepatitis B vaccination.
  2. Evidence of negative tuberculosis test result.
  3. Evidence of varicella immunization or antibody presence.
  • Evidence of malpractice liability insurance coverage.  Students may purchase a personal liability policy (est. $60 – $80) or may elect to join a group policy purchased by the Nicholls Student Athletic Training Society (NSATS).  This student group policy does cover any student member of the organization.  Membership is open to any student enrolled at Nicholls State University.  Students can contact the program director for more information on how to join NSATS.
  • Submit copy of current CPR certification card
  • Provide own transportation to and from each assigned clinical education sites.
  • Purchase standard program uniform and accessories.
  • Read and review the Technical and Performance Standards for Nicholls Athletic Training Education Program.



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