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Retention Policy

Once admitted to the athletic training (AT) program, students will be evaluated each semester. As long as appropriate progress is being made, the student will be allowed to move on to the next semester. The AT program considers each ATTR, BIOL, HPED, and NURS course to be building blocks for academic success in the curriculum and each required course is sequenced to promote academic success of the student.  Therefore, students must demonstrate competency in each required course throughout his/her progression in the program.  The following definitions shall be used to help determine competency:

  • Academically Successful – earning a final grade of “C” or better
  • Academically Unsuccessful – earning a final grade of “D”
  • Academic Failure – earning a final grade of “F” or “W”
  • Major Course – any ATTR, BIOL, HPED or NURS course required in the curriculum

Students must maintain academic success in all major courses, both didactic and clinical.  To progress in the ATTR sequenced curriculum, students are expected to meet the following requirements for progression.

Classroom / Didactic:

Athletic training students shall maintain an overall grade point average of at least 2.5 as well as a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in athletic training coursework. Once accepted in the professional clinical phase, students will be permitted ONLY one unsuccessful attempt in any didactic major course throughout his/her progression in the program. This one unsuccessful attempt will warrant the student to be placed on a Conditional Progression Status in the AT Program.

Additionally, the student is required to meet with the program director to develop, and consent, to an academic conditional progression action plan.  This student must successfully complete all requirements of the action plan by the specified deadline and maintain academic success in all major coursework taken while on this conditional status with the program.  (Any student placed on Conditional Status by the AT Program will potentially have a delay in their graduation date due to a prerequisite requirements of a sequenced course.) 


The clinical instructor(s) will assess the athletic training student’s performance each semester. Students must maintain academic success in all ATTR clinical courses required in the curriculum and satisfy all health and safety requirements.

A student, who has an academically unsuccessful or failed attempt of an ATTR clinical course, shall automatically constitute Clinical Non-progression Status in the ATP Program and WILL NOT be permitted to progress.  Additionally, the student shall be required to meet with the program director to develop an academic non-progression action plan to include, but not limited to, a requirement that the student must re-enroll in the unsuccessful course(s) and submit a written request to resume academic and clinical progression within the next academic year. Consequently, the student’s graduation date will be delayed due to a non-progression status.


Athletic training students are expected to meet appropriate deadlines for the completion of proficiencies and other responsibilities for membership in the athletic training program. Failure to meet the defined deadline(s) or requirement(s) is grounds for probation or dismissal from the program. Additionally, each student will be required to pass athletic training competency tests, specifically designed for their clinical level, to progress to their next level.

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