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Selective Admission


Only students formally admitted to the professional clinical phase of the program are allowed to take advanced coursework with associated clinical experience and must comply with the Department of Allied Health Science’s clinical compliance requirements and submit the Technical Standards Signature Page from the Technical and Performance Standards.

Professional Clinical Phase (generally begins with the student’s Sophomore Year)

To maintain the quality of the academic and clinical experiences encountered, the ATEP Admissions Committee shall selectively admit students into the professional clinical component each year.  Only those students meeting the selective admission policy requirements and formally admitted to this phase of the program are allowed to take advanced ATTR coursework and associated clinical experiences.

Application Process

Interested candidates should review the ATEP Application Policy.

Selective Admission Policy

The selective admission committee is composed of the ATTR program faculty members (4) and the head athletic trainer from the Athletics Department.  To ensure interested students are provided the opportunity to compete for admittance into the program, the committee shall utilize the following criterion to evaluate each student’s application for admission:

  1. Earned ATTR major GPA of 2.5 or better.
  2. Earned grade of “C” or better in all ATTR and BIOL required courses.
  3. Affective behavior evaluation of the student applicant by each clinical preceptor as assigned in ATTR 102 clinical course.  Preceptors will be asked to evaluate behaviors; such as, work ethic, appearance, enthusiasm, initiative, attitude, and punctuality.
  4. Number of clinical observation hours obtained in ATTR 102.
  5. Letter of interest to the ATEP; and
  6. Student’s personal interview with ATEP Admissions Committee.

NOTE: Each applicant shall earn an admissions score based on the above criterion.  Percentage required for admittance will be determined based on the percentages achieved by all applicants and clinical resources available to the program.

Students not admitted into the professional clinical phase will not be permitted to enroll in any ATTR course at the 200 level, or above, and are encouraged to reapply the following year.  Additionally, this student will not be allowed to actively engage as an athletic training student at Nicholls State University during this interim period.

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