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Transfer Policy

  • All students wishing to transfer to Nicholls State University Athletic Training program must first meet all of the pre-professional phase requirements and submit application to the professional phase of the curriculum.
  • Each student will be required to complete all the requirements of the pre-professional phase.
  • Each transfer student may petition that prior course work and clinical experiences be considered as equivalents of courses and/or clinical experiences within the Nicholls State University athletic training program.

The following policies and procedures will be followed in order to consider transfer students prior to admission:

  • Petition Process: The transfer student must submit in writing their request for accepting previous coursework and clinical experiences. Included in this document should be the following:

    • Name of course, credit hours, professor, institution offered, and name of the ATSC course to be substituted.
    • A notarized copy of a verification of supervision for all previous clinical experiences and hours completed.
    • Documentation of proficiency skills mastered with verification from an approved clinical instructor (ACI).
    • A detailed copy of a course syllabus (to include course description & outline of events) for all courses or a detailed letter from the instructor describing what was taught.
  • Course Acceptance Procedure:

    • The AT Admissions Committee will review each of the course descriptions and syllabi.
    • The committee will then compare the said course to the ATSC course and determine if they are comparable. The following criteria will be evaluated:
      • Credit hours, Content, and Laboratory/ Clinical experiences
      • If the course has comparable criterion to the ATSC course, the student will then be place within the curricular plan where appropriate.
  • Clinical Experience Acceptance Procedure:
    • The committee will review each of the verification of supervision documents and proficiency skills mastery documentation.
    • The committee will then compare the said clinical experiences to the Nicholls athletic training clinical experience requirements and determine if they are comparable.
    • If the course does not have comparable assignments, responsibilities, clinical setting or supervision, then the clinical experience will not be substituted for the Nicholls clinical experience and the student will follow the normal athletic training clinical experience rotation plan.
    • If the clinical experience has comparable criterion to the Nicholls ATEP clinical experience, the student will then be placed within the curricular plan where appropriate.
  • The Athletic Training Admissions Committee has the right to accept or reject any prior coursework or clinical experience in accordance to the above procedures.
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