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Faculty and Staff


Instructor of Athletic Training and Program Coordinator
Office:  115-B BCAH
Phone:  985.493.2667




Gerard White, ATC, LAT
Assistant Professor of Athletic Training and Clinical Education Coordinator
Office: 115 – C BCAH
Phone: 985.493.2612
Email: gerard.white@nicholls.edu
Cary Berthelot, ATC, LAT
Instructor of Athletic Training
Office: 115-A BCAH
Phone: 985.493.2615
Email: cary.berthelot@nicholls.edu
Faculty/Staff Headshots Fall  2014
Jennifer Plaisance, PT
Instructor of Athletic Training
Office: 115-D BCAH
Phone: 985.493.2611
Email: jennifer.plaisance@nicholls.edu



Dr. Neil MakiOrthopedic Surgeon

Medical Director, Athletic Training Program

Dr. Thomas Gregory Chaisson Internal Medicine
Dr. Barry Landry General Surgeon
Dr. Richard Morvant Jr. Orthopedic Surgeon


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