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Welcome to the Office of Auxiliary Services. Auxiliary Services is a broad area within the university, which embraces dining, housing, the university bookstore, I.D. card operations, the post office, the student union, continuing education and other support services. All of these auxiliary services areas play a vital role in the university’s everyday life.

Our staff understands that the quality of service it provides is one of the contributing factors to students’ success at Nicholls. We are constantly working to improve each area in our department and strive to provide the best quality services to the Nicholls family and community. Please give us your feedback by participating in our online survey.


  • August 23, 2006 at 2:19 pm
    The Office of Auxiliary Services in conjunction with Residence Life has developed a hurricane preparedness guide (PDF) which has been distributed to all residential students living in residence halls or La Maison du Bayou apartments. On-campus student residents at Nicholls State University will have another tool at their disposal in the event of a hurricane approaching the Louisiana coast. Out-of-state and international students who require transportation can also indicate that on the form, and the housing staff will know these students would be in need of additional assistance, she said.The Hurricane Preparedness Guide for On-Campus Residents contains helpful information for students to make early preparations, and it also details the university's hurricane emergency plan five levels of preparedness that may be implemented before, during and after a possible storm....

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