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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Ron Utt and Brian Riedl of The Heritage Foundation have a new paper out that examines the newest piece of pork in the US Senate.  The paper details what, it appears, would be the largest earmark in history, as well as earmarks for other pet projects.  All of these projects are being added to the […]

I know that our democracy is designed to move slowly, but this seems a bit ridiculous. From the April 14th Wall Street Journal: The Treasury Department, following a series of hostile court rulings on the way it assesses the federal excise tax on phone service, is working on a plan to stop collecting the levy […]

I have yet to buy or sell one single item on eBay. My wife, however, frequents the site. Below, I’ve pasted an email that she just received from eBay. Louisiana sellers – Protect your right to sell items on eBay Dear Community Member, If you sell more than two items a year on eBay, the […]

***Note: The correct link is now included. For those of you who are sick of discussing external costs in my class, here is one more example. Ultimately, this post will be concerned with smoking as it affects small children inside vehicles. Click here for the article that lets you know what is being proposed in […]

On March 21st, I submitted a blog post titled “A Middle Eastern Petition,” about how some of the funding for the recent “Cartoon Riots” in Pakistan was coming from Pakistani merchants, in what looked like an attempt to reduce foreign competition. Today, my concern is with another attempt to squash foreign competition in the form […]

Read this article on changes the airlines are making in the way they are pricing flight amenities. There really are two issues in this article – perhaps this is too much for one post, but here goes. The first issue is called bundling. The idea is that there is more than one way a firm […]

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