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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Very interesting article at NOLA.com on taxicab medallions. To legally operate a taxicab in New Orleans, you must have a medallion. The city plans on reducing the number of medallions from roughly 1600 to 1100, thereby dispatching with approximately 500. If you were around during Mayor Nagin's first term, the Taxicab bureau has a checkered […]

Credit where it's due – I snagged the article from thesportseconomist. The topic is whether or not college athletes should be paid. The article, written by John Wilner at the Mercury News, reports a reasonable estimate of the amount of revenue that is "generated" by Cal's running back Marshawn Lynch. Lynch is no average player […]

You'd think in the three months I'd be able to come up with a more clever title… Two interesting articles about the labor market in New Orleans with seemingly contradictory statements. One says the going wage for unskilled workers is more than $10/hour, the other says are plenty of folks who will work betwen $6/hour […]

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