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Monthly Archives: September 2006

The last real job I had (before I entered the academic realm) was in a consulting firm that did research on hedge funds. I came across an interesting article in Slate on hedge funds. It seems another hedge fund has gone belly up. Not exactly LTCM, but still a meaningful chuck of investor cash. The […]

If you haven’t heard, there was a coup in Thailand. Check out the attached picture of the stock market index in Thailand. I would have expected a negative reaction. Investors are not fond of uncertainty, and political upheval is certainly a major source of uncertainty. But stock markets are forward looking. News that is expected […]

Previously, I wrote a post on NBC’s show, Deal or No Deal. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll love it – check the old post for the details. The season premier is tonight, 7 pm CT on NBC. I believe there is a $5 or $6 million dollar top prize tonight. Beside finding it absolutely […]

The politics of the minimum wage debate are fascinating to me. There was an article in the USAToday the other day that compared minimum wage laws across states. The article is fairly typical. I’ve alleged in class that democrats are typically associated with supporting minimum wages, and therefore trumpet the increased wages that come with […]

Those of you in my classes know I recently went to Las Vegas to do some gaming. It reminded me about a common mistake people make in assessing the probabilities of random events – called “the gambler’s fallacy”. If you have ever played or seen a roulette wheel, it is very simple. There is a […]

A few days ago, the city council in Chicago passed an ordinance requiring a so called “living wage”. This ordinance mandated a wage of $13 an hour (wage and benefits combined) for all employees, but only pertained to employees at so called “big box retailers”, stores with 90,000 square feet or more operated by companies […]

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