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Monthly Archives: October 2006

More than anything, I’m hoping to start a good discussion with this post. Today’s Times Picayune has an article titled “whites pursued Katrina insurance complaints more than blacks.” Here’s a snipet: “The blacks didn’t complain ’cause they got tired,” said Doretha Kitchens, 58, who recalls numerous phone calls to her insurer that often ended with […]

One of New Orleans‘ original “Catholic League” schools, Holy Cross, recently announced its intention to move its campus out of the lower 9th Ward. The area had been in decline for years and hurricane Katrina heavily damaged the century (plus) old campus. There was somewhat of a battle over the new site – some wanted […]

As I have told my classes often, it is worth noting that there is no Nobel Prize in Marketing, Management or Accounting. Check out the press release from the Nobel folks. –CT

Kimberly Barrilleaux, a student in my Econ 211 class, sent me this New Orleans Times-Picayune article on a new type of rent control passed by the St. Bernard Parish Council (10/4/2006). As you can see by reading the article, St. Bernard has established a peculiar style of rent controls, not on the level of the […]

I watched the Yanks beat up on the Tigers last night. I’m floored by how much love is been giving to Derek Jeter (aka Mr. October, Captain Clutch) by the Fox crew. And again on ESPN. Suppose we wanted to take a scientific approach in determining who is a “clutch” player. Obviously we’ll have to […]

Harrah’s got a bid from a private-equity firm to purchase their company for $15 billion dollars. These bids are always very interesting. As economists, we think the stock market does a very good job reflecting all available information about Harrah’s, its profitability, and its future prospects. In fact, this post is in the same spirit […]

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