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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Chavez remains committed to taking what is not his or Venezuela’s as you can see from this article from the AP news service.    While Venezuela may “compensate” the oil companies for their shares, the oil companies’ losses of majority interest will not be compensated.   Moving entitlement protection from property and contract law  where […]

The Daily Comet editorializes on this past year’s seafood market. It seems as if Americans cut back on eating seafood this past year, while spending more money buying seafood. Assuming that the demand for seafood held steady during this period, does this article imply a violation of the law of demand? What does this imply […]

Shameless, I know, but I thought that would get some of our readers’ attention. However, this post is about an “un-initiation”. Read the NY Times article here. The basic story, allegedly, is that the national offices of Delta Zeta sorority (more or less) kicked out nearly 2/3 of the members of their chapter on DePauw […]

Take a look at this item from the editorial page of the Daily Comet on February 23rd. I’m not sure I understand it. The basic thrust is that Mardi Gras parades are provided to the residents for “free”, though the author admits it is fun for those who do the parading. The editorial goes on […]

F. A. Hayek, in his influential article, “The Use of Knowledge in Society,” discussed the problem of planned economies, like Soviet Russia.   He claimed that not only was there a serious incentive problem, but more importantly, there was a knowledge problem.   The problem is that no single person can know all the information […]

Recently, I posted an article about the Opportunity Cost (OC) problem in Lafourche Parish (the LP). Here we go again. The article in the Daily Comet on Friday, Feb. 23, 2007, was good for another laugh. The parish government wants to hire an engineer to oversee public drainage issues. That is laudable. Without proper drainage, […]

As you may have heard, Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio are working on a merger, and some expect them to walk down the aisle to take their vows before the end of this year, as is reported in this story in Reuters  (and I heard this on NPR’s “All Things Considered” from Jim […]

Follow this link to a paper by Bryan Caplan and Ed Stringham that won $25,000. Any paper that wins $25,000 is worth, at least, a quick look. In the article, the authors make the case (a pretty convincing case) that Bastiat and Mises were both ahead of their time in relation to public choice economics. […]

Chavez goes even further in pulling the wool over the eyes of the Venezuelan voters.   The Vandal of Venezuela, the Furious Fuhrer, and the Great Thief, steals from the rich, and unlike his supposed idol, Robin Hood,  keeps what he steals to remain in power, not to help the poor (remember, if the Marxists […]

We saw how Chavez in Venezuela has pulled the wool over the eyes of many of Venezuela’s poor, promising the riches of the oil fields and the riches of food distributors.   Now Bolivia is getting in on the “nationalization” act, better known as theft, turning private businesses into public enterprises, and here, without so […]

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