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Monthly Archives: April 2007

First, a blanket apology to all that I may offend. I did, for the record, pass this by Dr. Coats, a Virginia Tech alum. Dr. Coats also made a number of suggestions that I incorporated in this post, but I’ll take the rap for this one if you don’t like it. I am certainly not […]

Why would a bunch of illegal immigrants want to gather in one place looking for work? An article from nola.com concerning the market for “day-laborers” in New Orleans may have the answer. Not surprisingly, these folks wish to hang out in the parking lot of places like Lowe’s or Home Depot. It would seem that […]

Those of you who are baseball fans would have to be in a vacuum not to notice the festivities associated with celebrating the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball. I do not in the least bit wish to marginalize the importance of Jackie Robinson, both for baseball and for race […]

I just heard on the news about the death of Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut was a great writer, sure, but why mention him on a blog about economics? Vonnegut often saw the absurdity of certain things that we as humans have attempted to do. One of his great works was a very short story entitled “Harrison […]

Steve W. sent me this link to a story in Scotsman.com by Gerri Peev. In it, the writer points out that since the kidnapping of the 15 British Sailors from international waters, Iran has made loads of money. With Iran rattling sabers, committing an act of war, daring Britain and the US to get involved […]

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