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Monthly Archives: January 2008

An article in the Daily Comet about the Hornets. The article reminds me of a line in the movie Major League. Major League, for the uninitiated, is a baseball comedy about a fictional Cleveland Indians team that begins the season with a group of misfits. They lose many games in the early part of the […]

Ever since Nicholls had internet access, I have been a part of a economics teaching listserve, an email-based forum of economics instructors, in the US and beyond.   Yesterday,  Humberto Bareto at Wabash University pointed out this article in the New York Times  (Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/17/world/africa/17bread.html)  by Michael Slackman, “Egypt’s Problem and Its Challenge: Bread Corrupts” […]

I am occasionally dazzled how sometimes people think because the internet is involved, that economics should be “different” – as if the fundamental facts of scarcity and the “laws of economics” should no longer apply. Check out this article from yahoo.com. The subject of the article is the way that internet access is priced. The […]

Recently, it has come to light, thanks to this article by Joseph Somsel  in the American Thinker,  that buried deep in a revision of newly proposed building codes for the state of California is a requirement for something called a “programmable communicating thermostat” or PCT.   This is a special sort of thermostat that is […]

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