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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Jared Picou, one of my Econ 211 students this first summer term wrote with this question: “…I have to take Econ 212 in the summer session B. Is it the same material just in a bigger scale? Or is it something completely new? “ Jared, In 212, you transition to discussions of the entire economic […]

In this Washington Post article, there is a discussion about how Sen. Obama plans to go after speculators, who he and his advisers see as destabilizing prices the prices of oil. The only problem with this is that speculators are NOT destabilizing oil prices, and in fact, any intrusion into the futures markets and those […]

The U.S. Supreme Court has handed out some important rulings in the last few days. Of course, yesterday, the Court breathed new life into the 2nd Amendment, ruling that it is an individual right to bear arms, not some sort of collective right of the state to have an army. Obvious to anyone who has […]

Last year, at this blog site I wrote  about the terrible drought facing Atlanta and their trouble dealing with it.  And now, after facing two years of below average rainfall, Gov. Schwarzenegger has declared a drought in California. (And see this article  on California’s problems, too.) The availability of a sufficient supply of fresh water […]

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