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Monthly Archives: November 2008

A few weeks ago, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) released its study, “Healthcare policy in an Obama administration: Delivering on the promise of universal coverage.” (You can read about PricewaterhouseCoopers here).   Obama’s plan is modeled after the Massachusetts healthcare system. His (near) universal coverage plan comes, not from a public takeover of the healthcare industry public ownership […]

Well, this post is not really from a guest blogger, but Gokhan Karahan is, regretfully, no longer teaching and working at Nicholls State University. Dr. Karahan was one of the four founders of Bastiat’s Bastions back in 2005, and we will not let him go. Dr. Karahan sent this to me today to post.-MC The […]

This is a guest post from Mike Kurth, Professor of Economics at McNeese, and an old friend of mine from grad school at VPI (aka known as Virginia Tech). When he sent this along to me and others, he attached this article that makes a similar point by Peter Cohan. -MC They say generals always […]

While I would not call Smucker’s jellies and jams, Knott’s Berry Farms products inferior products, they do seem to be, according to economists definition of the term, “inferior goods.”   Recall from class that “inferior goods are anything we tend to buy more of when our incomes go down.   During recessions, incomes go down, […]

The news is definitely not good for the markets. We have an enormous amount of stock-price volatility, and the Dow is well below its recent high. Take this quote from economist Mark Zandi: Stock prices are falling across the globe. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 550 points or just over 7%…and is now 13% […]

If you thought this post was going to be about junk e-mail, I am sorry to disappoint you.     Instead   this is about the other spam, the gelatinous, blood-pressure raising mass of mystery meat in a can, Hormel’s Spam.   As many of my students are aware, I spend a bit of time […]

Over the weekend, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), who voted against the bailout, criticized Treasury Secretary Paulson for “not telling the truth” about what Treasury would do with the bailout money. As I posted here, I don’t buy this at all. If the intent was as specific as Inhofe seems to think it was, there was […]

It looks as though there is at least some resistance to extending “bailout money” to the U.S. automakers, although I’ll only believe it’s over when it’s over. And, of course, universities and big-city mayors are looking for some of the money too. (I have to thank Chad Turner for the university link, I had completely […]

Lately I’ve been preoccupied with studying the financial crisis. In particular, I’ve been looking for an angle to test whether the credit markets really did freeze prior to the $700 billion bailout. I’m not having great success, but I have come across several unexpected findings. For instance, I’ve noticed that the U.S. financial crisis is […]

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