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Monthly Archives: March 2009

According to this article in the Nicholls Worth yesterday (3/19/2009), the way in which room assignments will be made by a new system. The first pick of rooms will, if Dean Johnson’s plan is not overturned, is one based upon personal characteristics–GPA and classification. In chapter 6 in my principles of economics classes, we examined […]

We are told by politicians that the way to reduce health care costs is by getting more people covered with health care insurance and getting more preventative care. Maybe. Maybe not.  When we look at the numbers, we have to conclude that the problem is that demand is shifting up faster than supply.  The only […]

We all understand that political instability can bring about economic instability and economic woes can breed political woes.  We certainly saw the latter with Carter’s loss to Reagan in 1980, with Bush I’s loss to Clinton in 1992, and McCain’s loss to Obama this last year.  And right now, the shrinkage in the national economy is as […]

Maybe I am just being…what’s the politically correct version…uh, overly precise, but I hate when journalists do a crappy job. Take the following offering from CNN.com. The headline on the main page reads: “Quarterly GDP worst in 26 years”. That statement is wrong – or at least horribly misleading. Reading that, it seems to suggest […]

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