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Monthly Archives: May 2009

How could we at Bastiat’s Bastions turn down an opportunity to promote an award in journalism called the “Bastiat Prize?” The International Policy Network is the sponsor of this competition. According to their website, “IPN’s Bastiat Prize for Journalism was inspired by the 19th-century French philosopher and journalist Frédéric Bastiat. “The prize was developed to […]

According to this article in the Washington Post by Lori Montgomery (“Once Considered Unthinkable, U.S. Sales Tax Gets Fresh Look,” Washington Post, 5-27-2009), the Democrats in Washington are looking at the European-style Value-added tax (VAT), a stealth version of the sales tax, to finance the Obama health care plan. In 1993, just a little earlier […]

Ok, not that smart, but every once in a while, I wake up and I’m glad I know some economics. As I’ve stated before, when you figure it out, it makes the world make just a bit more sense. You can explain things that others have a tougher time explaining. For example, read this article, […]

Immigration is a contentious topic. Rather than add to the contention, I wish to clarify a poor economic argument that is frequently used in immigration policy debate. Many people support immigration because, “Americans aren’t willing to do the jobs that immigrants are willing to do.” This statement is potentially erroneous in that it confuses the […]

There are two types of people in this world—those who would root for the Los Angeles Lakers and those who would root for the Los Angeles Clippers. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you’ve heard of either of these organizations, or if you’ve even heard of basketball. These two organizations are as class symbolic […]

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