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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Recently on BasilandSpice.com, there was an article about suggestions from The Center for Science in the Public Interest concerning the safety of Gulf oysters and the very real dangers of eating oysters harvested from warm waters at warm times of the year. In the article, The Center for Science in the Public Interest suggests to […]

Take a look at this article  on BasilandSpice.com, where many of our Bastiat’ Bastion posts are reposted.  Fellow BasilandSpice Blogger John Mason writes about what is happening to the money supply and different components of the money supply, such as cash held outside of banks.  After you read the chapter on the Money Supply, you will make […]

In only a few days, with little in the way of committee input, with no coverage of the process, once again a backroom deal is being crafted that will have a huge impact on the lives of Americans with this new health care legislation.  Since there seems to be very little understanding in Congress of […]

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