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Monthly Archives: September 2009

With most school districts in the country having resumed operations by this last week, someone asked me about the effect of people going back to school on the country’s economy.  Well, this is actually very simple.  Every year when school vacations begin, unemployment goes up and when school starts back up, the nation’s unemployment rate […]

Lob STER WARS On a small island off of the coast of Maine, lobstermen are shooting at each other (Lobster wars rock remote Maine island, Clarke Canfield, Associated Press Writer).  Much like urban gangbangers, they are fighting over profitable territory.  And just like their urban counterparts, the territory under dispute is “un-ownable” or for the […]

If you visit a local McDonald’s for lunch and encounter a long line, you probably view the experience as a sign of poor service.  While on vacation, however, you may not perceive a long line in the same way.  An anecdote to follow suggests that tourists, in the absence of complete information, often flock to the […]

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