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Monthly Archives: October 2009

The L.A. Times reports some of the problems with the new homeowner $8000 tax credit in this story.  Besides fresh ground for tax cheats to exploit, this tax credit may not be worth getting. In my introductory economics class, we just finished looking at how taxes get passed forward to buyers in higher prices or […]

Was it Yogi Berra that said “I’m having deja-vu all over again”? Back in October of 2006, I was rather peeved at listening to the morons on TV talk about how “clutch” Derek Jeter was. Later, they maligned Alex Rodriguez, and how “un-clutch” he was. I objected at the time, and wrote a post, which […]

With the mapping of the human genome, it isn’t difficult to conceive of the day when we might diagnose mere embryos with congenital diseases or unhealthy predispositions.  Such power creates a dilemma: Would it be a better world if couples were to simultaneously create multiple embryos (through in vitro fertilization of stored eggs and sperm) […]

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