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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Lafayette’s Daily Advertiser reports here  that there is a group pushing for higher gas taxes in Louisiana for road building and repairs.  OK, fair enough, taxes on gasoline in Louisiana and in most states go to a road building fund of some sort, and so, people who pay these taxes, users of roads, pay for […]

What was that again, about our hypocrisy?  Recently (10/8/10), I posted an article “Drugs, Money and American Hypocrisy.”  Here are a few updates, some news articles about the currency dispute with China and what we in the US are doing about our own currency.  First is this article from Reuters on how some Federal Reserve officials are advocating inflation […]

Now, I am not an America basher.  But, from time to time, we can be a bit hypocritical.  For instance, at the same time that we complain to Mexico about the drug traffic through their country, Californians are considering the decriminalization of marijuana.  The Mexican government has surely noticed this (see article here). But worse, […]

Years ago, I read Tom Godwin’s science fiction short story, “The Cold Equations.”  Wikipedia has a pretty accurate summary of the story here.  Sometimes in life we have to make decisions not to help someone, because by doing so, others will react in ways that bring harm to themselves and others.  A fire department in […]

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