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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Recently, I have come across two rather interesting stories about the effects of our new healthcare law, the so-called “Affordable Care Act.”  First, it seems that the plan is outstripping the ability of some states to pay for some care, so some states are limiting prescriptions under Medicaid, which we see in Melanie Hunter’s CNSnews.com […]

If a powerful special interest group, like the cigarette manufacturers, doesn’t like a little competition from some upstart rivals, a few bucks to a powerful congressional chairman can get rid of them.  Take a look at this article about how a powerful chairman buried a provision in a long and complicated bill that buried a small boutique industry overnight.   […]

Bastiat, in one of his best-known essays points to the lack of logic of those who suggest that we can become better off through destruction, a fallacy that has come to be called the “broken window fallacy.”.  In 2006, in this inaugural post on Bastiat’s Bastions, Norbert Michel and I suggested that the notion that […]

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