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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Matt Damon has proven over and over to be a talented actor and screenwriter.  In December, he will be coming out with a pro-environmental movie about fracking to extract natural gas and petroleum from certain rock structures, a movie titled Promised Land.  No doubt, Matt Damon is an environmentalist–he believes in this new project. A […]

Yesterday I posted a comment on the World Health Organization’s attempts to place a global tax on cigarettes here.  Today, I read here that the UN is attempting to tax billionaires, carbon, airline flights, minerals, currency trading in dominant currencies (the dollar, the pound, the euro, the yen), and in financial transactions.  In yesterday’s post […]

The Washington Free Beacon reports here that the World Health Organization (WHO) is considering a global tax levy on cigarettes.  This health organization is concerned with the health effects of tobacco, and they want to cut people’s use.  OK, I understand that, but I am not sure they have thought this one through very far.  […]

When a seller of a product competes, an increase in that seller’s market share indicates that that seller is doing a better job, relative to its competitors, of producing net value, or benefits to buyers minus price, something economists call “consumer surplus.”  Marketing professionals use the term value for this idea, which is a bit […]

In trying to tackle the youth obesity problem in the country, Michelle Obama championed a change in the school lunch program, a program that places new restrictions on the calories from school lunches as well as mandates nutrition guidelines for school lunch programs.  The new calorie guidelines are based on the average student at various […]

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