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Americans forbidden from sharing information on Intrade.com

For several years, I and others have pointed to Intrade.com as a premier forecasting tool, a betting market or prediction market.  Take a look at this blog’s archives in the category “Prediction Markets.”  Intrade has been far more accurate at predicting elections than any polls.where people share information by betting, or setting a buying or selling price to trade at based on the information that they have.  Stossel did a 20/20 report on Intrade some years back where he explains why it works so well, a video you can see here.  It looks as if today, Americans are being forbidden from taking part in this market, from sharing in our knowledge, by our federal government.  Stossel explains how our government closed Intrade to Americans in this article.  It is not only a shame, but what our government has done here should be a crime.


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