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Monthly Archives: March 2013

This past November, 26th, I posted the following short piece to this blog. For several years, I and others have pointed to Intrade.com as a premier forecasting tool, a betting market or prediction market.  Take a look at this blog’s archives in the category “Prediction Markets.”  Intrade has been far more accurate at predicting elections […]

This week’s Nicholl’s Worth page one headline reads “Will it pass?”  Pauling Wilson’s article having that headline concerns a referendum before students on raising student fees by $84 per semester for a full-time student to support Nicholls athletics.  Here, I do not address the normative question, ”should students pass the referendum?” but rather the more […]

February is over, and so is Black History Month.  Too bad. I think all of you should know who Paul Robeson was.  Have you ever heard the song, “Old Man River?” On first hearing, you might think that such song by a Black man is somewhat a betrayal to African Americans and the Civil Rights […]

Here is a thoughtful critique of the President’s minimum wage proposal, and this is from his former Chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, Christina Romer that appeared in the New York Times on 3-2-13.  Of course, a few days ago, I posted this piece on the minimum wage here on Bastiat’s Bastions.  So, […]

During Prohibition of the twenties and thirties, Al Capone made Chicago the center of booze smuggling, as he brought in so much whiskey from Canada, because he could sell it for a higher price in the U.S. where it was prohibited, than he paid for it in Canada.  Now, Chicago is once again becoming a […]

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