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Just as many California drivers thought they were being sent to their doom with prices nearing $6 a gallon at some stations, California’s Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown has called on California’s air quality regulators to allow an early switch to the less strict winter blend of gasoline, a blend that produces smog more easily than the […]

If you take a look at this recent article from France24.com, you will see that many French businessmen are puting their houses on the market to leave France, trying to avoid being hit with a stinging 75% marginal tax rate (the rate on their highest earnings, their “marginal” earnings).  Leaving a high tax region was […]

Last January, I wrote in this post about how Mubarak’s hold on Egypt was lost, in part, due to food riots, riots over the rising prices of food.  The problem was that the government in Egypt, to placate its citizens, had created programs to keep food prices down, at least to some, creating “program addiction,” a […]

In 2006, Amanda Walker, one of my Economics 211 students, and I wrote this post on Thanksgiving.  I just found a similar article by Benjamin Powell, a fellow with the Independent Institute, an economics professor at Suffolk University and a contributor to the Charlotte Observer and The San Diego Union-Tribune, at a weekly email newsletter from the Independent […]

A few days ago I posted this comment on how local governments protect existing businesses from competition by erecting barriers to entry through occupational licensing.  That story reminded me of  another story along similar lines, about a pair of Washington, D.C. entrepreneurs, Taalib-Din Uqdah and Pamela Ferrell who started their small business, Cornrows & Co. in 1980, […]

In this post on Bastiat’s Bastions in May, I discussed how congressmen do not play by the same “insider trading” laws they have set up for the rest of us.  Congressmen increase their personal wealth while in office by trading on information about matters that come before them and by trading based on information about […]

Here is an ABC News report on GDP growth for this year’s 3rd quarter, the months of July, August and September.  In a month, the 3rd quarter figures will be revised and more data comes in for September.  The report from the government agency that gathers this information, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, is here. […]

While you can never determine the cause of a factor, call it Y, merely by its correlation with another factor, X, you can sometimes rule out causes.  Even then, one must take a great deal of care in the analysis.  Remember that Y and X might be correlated because X causes Y, but Y could […]

What was that again, about our hypocrisy?  Recently (10/8/10), I posted an article “Drugs, Money and American Hypocrisy.”  Here are a few updates, some news articles about the currency dispute with China and what we in the US are doing about our own currency.  First is this article from Reuters on how some Federal Reserve officials are advocating inflation […]

Now, I am not an America basher.  But, from time to time, we can be a bit hypocritical.  For instance, at the same time that we complain to Mexico about the drug traffic through their country, Californians are considering the decriminalization of marijuana.  The Mexican government has surely noticed this (see article here). But worse, […]

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