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In 1973, David Friedman published an interesting book, The Machinery of Freedom, largely a compilation of essays concerning how anarcho-capitalism can work.  One of his essays is on how mass transit can be produced privately and that the infrastructure for it is largely in place.  Recently, two companies have started operating worldwide, Uber and Lyft, […]

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. H. L. Mencken US editor (1880 – 1956). I recently received the following comment from one of my better students in my Econ 211 class on my post last month, “Water Shortages.”  He writes about […]

Just as many California drivers thought they were being sent to their doom with prices nearing $6 a gallon at some stations, California’s Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown has called on California’s air quality regulators to allow an early switch to the less strict winter blend of gasoline, a blend that produces smog more easily than the […]

Gasoline prices in L.A. are now approaching $6 a gallon as is reported here by CBS in LA. Obviously, prices in the rest of the country are considerably lower than that.  Even in California, prices in northern California, as in San Francisco are a bit lower, but there are also supply problems in the San Francisco […]

Matt Damon has proven over and over to be a talented actor and screenwriter.  In December, he will be coming out with a pro-environmental movie about fracking to extract natural gas and petroleum from certain rock structures, a movie titled Promised Land.  No doubt, Matt Damon is an environmentalist–he believes in this new project. A […]

Yesterday I posted a comment on the World Health Organization’s attempts to place a global tax on cigarettes here.  Today, I read here that the UN is attempting to tax billionaires, carbon, airline flights, minerals, currency trading in dominant currencies (the dollar, the pound, the euro, the yen), and in financial transactions.  In yesterday’s post […]

Bastiat, in one of his best-known essays points to the lack of logic of those who suggest that we can become better off through destruction, a fallacy that has come to be called the “broken window fallacy.”.  In 2006, in this inaugural post on Bastiat’s Bastions, Norbert Michel and I suggested that the notion that […]

Today, President Obama offered up a legislative approach to dealing with high oil prices that he blames on speculators.   Here is a story from NECN.com (New England Cable News) on Obama’s suggested approach.  Ed Rogers at the Washington Post has this comment on Obama’s “let’s do something, anything” about high oil prices by handcuffing speculators, calling […]

In the aftermath of some horrific tornados that ripped through Dallas and other parts of North Texas, Sen. Dick Durbin calls for people to switch to hybrid cars to reduce the incidence of tornados, which seems nonsensical.  Think about it.  As some people switch to greener vehicles, raising the demand for green vehicles relative to […]

Last January, I wrote in this post about how Mubarak’s hold on Egypt was lost, in part, due to food riots, riots over the rising prices of food.  The problem was that the government in Egypt, to placate its citizens, had created programs to keep food prices down, at least to some, creating “program addiction,” a […]

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