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In my blog posts here, I usually provide links to news articles concerning the topic at hand.  Not this time.  Instead, I will just suggest that reader search news.google.com for water shortages.  What should be noted is that there is no shortage of news articles on water shortages.  Articles on climate change and business location […]

In March, I wrote this entry to Bastiat’s Bastions in response to Jindal’s proposal to hike state cigarette taxes.  My critique was not so about raising tobacco taxes or not, but suggesting that the Louisiana Department of Revenue had done a poor job in estimating the effects of such taxes on state revenues, as I […]

Recently, the Baton Rouge Advocate ran this story about the Mississippi River by Bob Marshall, a story that was originally published in The Lens.  The issue is that all along the Mississippi, people in different states want to use the water from the Mississippi for many various projects.  In some states, water is diverted from […]

One contender for this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics is Stanford economist Paul Romer, son of a Colorado governor. You should note that Romer is the developer of “Aplia,” a homework, quizzing, and practice software system that he sold a few years ago to Cengage. Aplia is the homework and quizzing software that is currently […]

Just as many California drivers thought they were being sent to their doom with prices nearing $6 a gallon at some stations, California’s Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown has called on California’s air quality regulators to allow an early switch to the less strict winter blend of gasoline, a blend that produces smog more easily than the […]

  Disposable diapers have almost completely replaced cloth nappies in the U.S. and in many other developed nations.  There seems to be a high likelihood of a price increase in these convenient diapers after a recent explosion in Himeji, Japan, shut down a Nippon Shokubai chemical plant as we see in this article from ABC.  […]

Gasoline prices in L.A. are now approaching $6 a gallon as is reported here by CBS in LA. Obviously, prices in the rest of the country are considerably lower than that.  Even in California, prices in northern California, as in San Francisco are a bit lower, but there are also supply problems in the San Francisco […]

Yesterday I posted a comment on the World Health Organization’s attempts to place a global tax on cigarettes here.  Today, I read here that the UN is attempting to tax billionaires, carbon, airline flights, minerals, currency trading in dominant currencies (the dollar, the pound, the euro, the yen), and in financial transactions.  In yesterday’s posted […]

Bastiat, in one of his best-known essays points to the lack of logic of those who suggest that we can become better off through destruction, a fallacy that has come to be called the “broken window fallacy.”.  In 2006, in this inaugural post on Bastiat’s Bastions, Norbert Michel and I suggested that the notion that […]

Yesterday, Professor Elinor Ostrom passed away as is reported in this article in the Washington Post.  In 2009, she was awarded the Nobel prize in economics for her work on how people are able to manage the “tragedy of the commons,” the overuse of resources that are not protected by private property rights, without government […]

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