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Category Archives: Katrina

Recently, the Baton Rouge Advocate ran this story about the Mississippi River by Bob Marshall, a story that was originally published in The Lens.  The issue is that all along the Mississippi, people in different states want to use the water from the Mississippi for many various projects.  In some states, water is diverted from […]

Bastiat, in one of his best-known essays points to the lack of logic of those who suggest that we can become better off through destruction, a fallacy that has come to be called the “broken window fallacy.”.  In 2006, in this inaugural post on Bastiat’s Bastions, Norbert Michel and I suggested that the notion that […]

No electricity becomes no gasoline?  In this news story from NBC Connecticut’s Leanne Gendreau and Brynn Gingras, we see that the snowstorm in the Northeast this weekend has left many gas station pumps without power to pump, and so, has left those residents a way to get gasoline in their towns.  Now, these stores could […]

If you have not heard it yet, Pat Robertson said something that was almost surprising about Haiti’s horrible disaster, that Haiti’s founding fathers made a pact with the devil to help them throw off the bonds of slavery with the French, and so God cursed the Haitian people. I say “almost surprising” because Robertson has […]

Ok, not that smart, but every once in a while, I wake up and I’m glad I know some economics. As I’ve stated before, when you figure it out, it makes the world make just a bit more sense. You can explain things that others have a tougher time explaining. For example, read this article, […]

Immigration is a contentious topic. Rather than add to the contention, I wish to clarify a poor economic argument that is frequently used in immigration policy debate. Many people support immigration because, “Americans aren’t willing to do the jobs that immigrants are willing to do.” This statement is potentially erroneous in that it confuses the […]

Many local residents have been critical of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and his “recovery expert,” Ed Blakely. A new story, aired tonight on a local TV station (WWL), shows why so many residents have been so critical. On the positive side, we learn that the City has fined approximately 400 property owners nearly $3 […]

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has announced he is going to “dissolve” his “recovery department.” This is the department that has spent almost three years coming up with plans to help New Orleans recover from hurricane Katrina. For some reason, though, Nagin also went out of his way to mention that he is trying to […]

Continuing on my oil and gasoline prices theme, I thought I would mention something that is already obvious to many of you, and that is how much gasoline prices have skyrocketed, in spite of the drop of crude oil prices below the $100 mark.  As I write this, on the Sunday evening after Ike hit […]

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