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This week’s Nicholl’s Worth page one headline reads “Will it pass?”  Pauling Wilson’s article having that headline concerns a referendum before students on raising student fees by $84 per semester for a full-time student to support Nicholls athletics.  Here, I do not address the normative question, ”should students pass the referendum?” but rather the more […]

Was it Yogi Berra that said “I’m having deja-vu all over again”? Back in October of 2006, I was rather peeved at listening to the morons on TV talk about how “clutch” Derek Jeter was. Later, they maligned Alex Rodriguez, and how “un-clutch” he was. I objected at the time, and wrote a post, which […]

Immigration is a contentious topic. Rather than add to the contention, I wish to clarify a poor economic argument that is frequently used in immigration policy debate. Many people support immigration because, “Americans aren’t willing to do the jobs that immigrants are willing to do.” This statement is potentially erroneous in that it confuses the […]

If you haven’t heard, the Cubbies have a pretty good team this year. They’ve clinched a birth to the playoffs, and are predicted to do some damage in the playoffs. (Or wait – is that the fans that are predicted to do some damage? I’m getting ahead of myself.) Read this article from the Chicago […]

Folks, I have been busy. I haven’t been posting to the old blog, but should pick up the pace down the home stretch of the semester. If you’ve missed it, baseball season has begun. My beloved Cubbies haven’t won a world series in 100 years, so they are due. And then I came across a […]

An article in the Daily Comet about the Hornets. The article reminds me of a line in the movie Major League. Major League, for the uninitiated, is a baseball comedy about a fictional Cleveland Indians team that begins the season with a group of misfits. They lose many games in the early part of the […]

For some years, I have been telling people in the Nicholls community about how markets are used to predict election results–and how they out-predict polls! Here is why markets, such as the Iowa Electronic Markets, work so well, compared to a single poll.   Just last year I wrote a blog post here on this […]

It’s hard to have missed all the talk about Mike Vick, dog fighting, and his plea agreement. There are some other interesting angles to this whole affair. How much money did Mick Vick lose? Will he play in the NFL again? Should the NFL Players Association fight to ensure he is able to play? All […]

Those of you who are baseball fans would have to be in a vacuum not to notice the festivities associated with celebrating the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball. I do not in the least bit wish to marginalize the importance of Jackie Robinson, both for baseball and for race […]

In case you haven’t heard, NASCAR’s Daytona 500 finished down in Florida this year amid not just flags, but also flames, flips, flats and flying flack. Here is some Youtube footage of the final lap. What does this have to do with economics, though? It’s a matter of a certain type of substitution, something that […]

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