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About the CAFÉ

Welcome to the Center for Advancing of Faculty Engagement (CAFÉ). The CAFÉ is dedicated to supporting faculty in their many teaching endeavors and in their professional development growth.The CAFÉ promotes both technical and non-technical workshops. Most workshops are held in the CAFÉ room (209 Elkins Hall). Please check the calendar for a description of upcoming events, including time/day, presenter, and location. If you would like to host a workshop or would like to attend a workshop not listed, please contact me.

Dr. Lori C. Soule


History of the CAFÉ

The Center for Advancing Faculty Engagement (CAFÉ) was created in fall 2006 in response to recommendations made by Nicholls State’s QEP team.  The CAFÉ was designed with the thought that faculty can discuss teaching methods, plan initiatives, and share ideas.  The QEP team recommendations were based on analysis of best practices and existing institutional initiatives.  Included in the recommendations were the following:

(a) the CAFÉ would  be responsible for organizing the various faculty engagement initiatives of the QEP; (b) the CAFÉ would both disseminate information and seek feedback on issues relating to the QEP; (c) the CAFÉ would regularly offer workshops focused on general pedagogical practices, critical thinking and writings, and infusion of technology into the classroom; (d) the CAFÉ will develop a branch library and offer online collection of best practices resources; (e) the CAFÉ will offer both monetary and career incentives to facilitate the implementation of QEP-related projects; and (f) the CAFÉ will help faculty develop the expertise in training other faculty members in areas of best practices (Nicholls State University, 2006).

Nicholls State University. (2006). L’Esprit Engagé: A quality enhancement plan submitted to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


The mission of the CAFÉ is to increase student engagement by supporting and promoting faculty in their many forms of scholarship and professional work.

The CAFÉ achieves its mission by:

• encouraging a spirit of collegiality
• training faculty in best practices
• facilitating professional growth
• mentoring new faculty
• promoting campus-wide initiatives

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