Nicholls State Writing Connections

Nicholls State Writing Connections is a web site dedicated to writing across the curriculum.  On Tuesday of each week, Dr. Ellen Barker, a specialist in rhetoric and composition, housed in the Department of Languages and Literature, will upload four articles pertaining to the integration of writing in the classroom.  Selected articles will include writing in individual disciplines, such as math, the sciences, social sciences, business, education, and English.   Articles will contain theory and pedagogy, and there will be the occasional lesson plan posted on the web site for faculty to experiment with in their classes and that can be adapted for all disciplines.   While articles will be focused for specific disciplines, theory and pedagogy may be modified for other disciplines, as well.  Most of the articles will be geared toward the college level; however, there will be articles directed toward k-12 teachers.  These articles may be useful, not only for faculty preparing teachers at these grade levels, but for students who might find these articles relevant to their studies, student teaching experience, and to their future profession as area teachers.  In time, this web site will be made available to area teachers as a means to keep them informed about effective strategies for including more writing into their courses.

In addition to the weekly articles that Dr. Barker will post, there is a menu on the left side of the web page listing each discipline and all grade levels.  Weekly offerings will be filed in each of these categories for future use.  Faculty are welcome to scan discipline specific areas where some articles have already been archived and are available to read.  This web page was originally created by Dr. Barker’s English 366 class during the fall semester, 2009 as a service learning project.  Each English 366, thereafter, with Dr. Barker’s guidance, will contribute articles per semester with carefully edited annotations written by students as a continuation of this service learning project.  These articles, complete with annotations, will be listed under each discipline.  Dr. Barker will maintain oversight of this project, will continue to edit the web page, and will continue to download articles pertaining to the disciplines each week.

To visit the Nicholls State Writing Connections web page, click here.