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Athletic Training Program

The university awards the Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training to the student upon successful completion of the curriculum listed below. This program of study includes academic, laboratory, and clinical education experiences. Upon completion of the curriculum, the student is eligible to sit for the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification (BOC) Examination. Successful completion of this examination qualifies the student to become a nationally Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and a Louisiana Athletic Trainer (LAT) licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME).

The Athletic Training (ATSC) Program is a selective admission program which prepares students to become highly qualified allied health professionals. The student will be educated and experienced in multidisciplinary areas dealing with the health care problems of the physically active.  The program of study includes academic, laboratory and clinical experiences in professional, intercollegiate, and interscholastic sport teams, and clinical affiliate settings.  Employment opportunities include interscholastic athletic programs, intercollegiate athletic programs, professional athletic teams, corporate health programs, sports medicine clinics, health clubs, and clinical and industrial health care programs.

The curriculum is composed of two phases: pre-clinical and clinical.   A student may enroll at anytime in the pre-clinical phase (first 32 hours) of the curriculum.  Students enrolled in ATSC 102 will receive information regarding the selective admission process.  Acceptance into the clinical phase is based on:
1.  Completion of the first 32 hours of the curriculum with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and a grade of C or better in all coursework.
2.  Submission of the ATSC Pre-professional Application (no later than April 1st) for selective admission to the clinical phase.
3. Verification confirming the applicant’s review of the Technical and Performance Standards of an entry-level athletic trainer.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training

  • (CLR) Computer Literacy Requirement;
  • GER) General Education Requirement;
  • (OCR) Oral Communication Requirement;
  • (UR) University Requirement

Suggested Course Sequence:

ATSC 101, 102 2
BIOL 114-115, 116-117 (GER) 8
ENGL 101, 102 (GER) 6
Freshman Seminar Course (UR) 1
HIST Sequence (GER) 6
MATH 101, 102 or 214(GER) 6
PSYC 101 (GER) 3
ATSC 220, 222, 232, 250, 280, 291, 292, 300 16
Computer Literacy Elective (CLR) 3
DIET 200  3
SPCH 101 (OCR) 3
ATSC 325, 350, 380, 391, 392, 423 18
PSYC 212 (GER) 3
ENGL 368 or 468 (GER) 3
HPED 360 3
Approved Electives 6
ATSC 475, 480, 491, 492, 499 14
CHEM 101 or 105 (GER) 3
ENGL Literature Elective (GER) 3
Fine Arts Elective (GER) 3
Approved Electives 6
Total Hours Required for Degree 125


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