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Badiollah Asrabadi Ph.D.
Distinguished Service Professor of Mathematics
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Office: 127 Peltier Hall
Phone: 985-448-4388

The College of Arts and Sciences provides every student with a core body of knowledge and the skills for lifelong learning fundamental to a university education. The College offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees to majors within its various programs of study. In addition, through research and creative work, service, and teaching, the faculty contributes to the advancement of knowledge.

The College is the academic cornerstone of the university, offering a majority of the General Education Requirement (GER) courses as well as undergraduate degrees in mathematics, sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. The college also offers graduate programs in biology and mathematics. In all courses and programs, the College nurtures students in a continuous sequence of advising and instruction. The college maintains an outstanding faculty who shapes its teaching, research and creative work, and service in order to be:

  • caring mentors and positive role models for students;
  • motivated to learn, disseminate research, and implement innovations in the classroom;
  • generous with time, talent, and resources to support the academic and economic development of the region, state and global communities.

The primary student learning goals of the College are to:

  • provide a challenging and supportive environment that allows for the development of students’ innate talents and creativity;
  • bring students to a comprehensive understanding of their chosen major discipline;
  • help students develop an appreciation and respect for diversity.


*Minor available


  • English*
    • Creative Writing Concentration
    • Technical Writing Concentration
  • French*
  • Government*
  • History*
  • Mass Communication*
    • Broadcast Journalism Concentration
    • Print Journalism Concentration
    • Public Relations Concentration
  • Music*
  • Sociology*
    • Family-Youth Advocacy Concentration


  • Art*


  • Biology
    • General Biology Concentration
    • Environmental Biology Concentration
    • Marine Biology Concentration
    • Microbiology Concentration
    • Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science Concentration (formerly Pre-Medical Technology Concentration)
    • Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry Concentration
    • Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration
    • Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration
    • Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration
    • Pre-Veterinary Concentration
  • Chemistry*
    • Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry Concentration
    • Professiona
  • Geomatics
  • Mathematics*
  • Petroleum Services


  • Petroleum Services
  • Petroleum Services – Safety Technology


  • Pre-Engineering
  • Pre-Dental Hygiene
  • Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Geography
  • Chemistry/Pre-Optometry


  • Professional Land Surveyor

Minimum Requirements

  • Meet the general education requirements of the university.
  • Complete one of the curricula offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Earn a grade of at least C in each required course in the candidate’s major field.
  • Earn a grade of at least C in each required course in the candidate’s minor field.


Bayou Studies Minor

The university offers a minor in Bayou Studies after successful completion of 18 hours of courses that include content about local or regional history, literature, culture, language and geography. Six hours must include ENGL 426 (Bayou Culture) as well as either ENGL 427 or HIST 371. The remaining 12 hours can be chosen from the following:

ENGL 326: Intro to Folklore HIST 371: Louisiana History
ENGL 427: Louisiana Literature HUMA 303: French Literature in Translation
ENGL 490: Language and Culture GEOG 375: Geography of Louisiana
FREN 101: Elementary French I SOCI 204: Cultural Diversity of America
FREN 102: Elementary French II SOCI 395: Racial and Cultural Minorities

Humanities Minor

The University offers a minor in the Humanities upon the successful completion of at least 18 hours above GENED requirements in the following curricula:

  • Fine Arts
  • GOVT 355
  • History
  • MACO 499 Humanities
  • Foreign Languages
  • Literature
  • Music (Non-performance courses)
  • Philosophy
  • Speech (Non-performance courses)

The total hours in the humanities minor (18) must include courses in at least three areas of the humanities outside the student’s major with a minimum of 9 hours in courses numbered 300 or above. A maximum of 9 hours of travel-study courses in any of these curricula may be selected for the minor. Three hours above degree requirements may be taken in the student’s major.

International Studies Minor

The university awards a minor in International Studies which requires the successful completion of 18 semester hours to include Geography 104 and 15 semester hours to be chosen from the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business concentrations listed below. The fifteen (15) hours require successful completion of 6 semester hours from two of the three concentrations listed below and 3 semester hours from the remaining concentration.

  • Required Course
    • Geography 104 World Regional Geography (3)
  • Humanities Concentration
    • Art 383 Art History Survey (1900-Present) (3)
    • **English 410 World Literature I (3)
    • **English 411 World Literature II (3)
    • History 307 Modern East Asia (3)
    • History 309 Modern Middle East and South Asia (3)
    • History 334 20th Century Europe (3)
    • History 382 English History (3)
    • History 393 French History (3)
    • **History 400 Russian History (3)
    • History 425 Hitler and Nazi Germany (3)
  • Social Sciences Concentration
    • Government 331 Topics and Dynamics of Third World Politics (3)
    • Government 391 International Relations and Politics (3)
    • Government 416 Comparative Government (3)
    • Government 421 American Foreign Policy (3)
    • Sociology 324 Social Stratification (3)
    • Sociology 360 Population Demographics and Dynamics (3)
    • Sociology 372 Special Topics: Dynamics of Change in Latin America (3)
    • Sociology 391 Racial and Ethnic Relations (3)
    • Sociology 404 Social and Cultural Change (3)
    • Sociology 405 Globalization (3)
  • Business Concentration
    • Agricultural Science 105 World Agriculture (3)
    • **Economics 435 Principles of International Trade (3)
    • **Finance 450 International France (3)
    • **Marketing 475 Global Marketing (3)
    • Petroleum Services Technology 302 Intercultural Communication (3)

** requires prerequisite(s)


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