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Office: 221-225 Talbot
Phone: 448-4597
Professors: R. Carpenter, Cibelli, Donegan (Head), Horton, Jahnke
Associate Professors: Brown, Lillie
Assistant Professors: Pope, Stephens (visiting), M. Williams, Zeringue-Dubina


The Department of Art supports the university mission in offering individuals an opportunity to study the visual arts. It aims to provide quality studies in all visual media (photography, graphic design, printmaking, painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, and art history), to provide an environment in which students from the region can understand their personal place in the history of art, to provide the skills needed for both employment or continued studies in their area, and to provide a degree in visual arts, with a concentration in studio art, applied arts, or art education.

The university awards the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in art to students who, in addition to satisfying the minimum requirements for graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences, complete the art curriculum outline. Art majors are encouraged to consider a second area of concentration while pursuing their course work at the 300-level or higher. Students planning to continue studies in art history are required to earn 6 to 12 credits in foreign language as determined by their advisor.


The art program is built upon a broad liberal arts foundation and preparation in studio disciplines required for careers in the visual arts and design. The   Art program  is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Criteria for Completion

  • Students must successfully complete ART 499, consisting of a one- or two-person exhibition or an internship.
  • They also must have three evaluations with the entire Department of Art faculty: a sophomore evaluation after completion of 30 hours of art courses, a senior evaluation during the semester before enrolling in ART 499 and a final evaluation at the end of ART 499. Evaluations will be held during spring, summer, and fall semesters on a date approved by the art faculty.
  • Graduating seniors must reserve calendar dates for their degree exhibition in the gallery the semester prior to graduation. These evaluations will be conducted in accordance with the above schedule and with participation of the art faculty. Art majors must assume responsibility for requesting each of these evaluations in writing to  the Art Department Head  prior to mid-semester.
  • Graduating students must provide color transparencies as evidence of their one person or two-person exhibit for departmental files at their final evaluation.


A minor in studio art  requires the completion of 24 hours in art of which at least 6 must be in courses numbered 300 or above.

A minor in art history requires the completion of 24 credit hours in art history to include Art 280, 281, 282, 383, 392, 480 and an additional 6 credit hours of art history at the 300+ level.   3 credit hours of foreign language may be taken in place of one art history elective.

Transfer Students

It is suggested that transfer students submit portfolios or reproductions of their work to enable the faculty to determine student placement into art courses.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art

  • (CLR) Computer Literacy Requirement;
  • (GER) General Education Requirement;
  • (OCR) Oral Communication Requirement;
  • (UR) University Requirement
ART 201, 252 6 ART 211, 221, 231, 240, 261 15
ART 251 (OCR) 3 ENGL Literature Electives (GER) 6
ART 280, 281, 282 (GER) 9 MATH Elective (GER) 3
ENGL 101, 102 (GER) 6 Natural Science Elective (GER) 3
Freshman Seminar Course (UR) 1 Social Science Elective (GER) 3
MATH 101 or 117 (GER) 3 30
Natural Science Elective (GER) 3
ART 301 or 302 3 ART 384, 386, 480, 481, or 482 3
ART 383 3 ART 499 6
Art Elective* 3 Art Electives** 12
Art Electives** 15 Art Electives*** 6
CMPS 101, 130 or OIS 200 (CLR) 3 ENGL 311, 312, or 368 (GER) 3
Natural Science Elective (GER) 3 30
Social Science Elective (GER) 3

Total Hours Required for Degree: 124

*200 level or above
**300 level or above
*** 400 level

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Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education (ARED) (K-12) – SEE BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREES IN EDUCATION for curriculum listing

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COMBINED DEGREE – Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education (K-12) and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art

ART 201, 240, 252 9 ART 211, 221, 231, 261 12
ART 251 (OCR) 3 ART 282 (GER) 3
ART 280, 281 (GER) 6 EDUC 250, 251 (CLR), 252 5
ENGL 101, 102 (GER) 6 ENGL 212 (GER) 3
Freshman Seminar Course (UR) 1 English Literature Elective* 3
MATH 101 (GER) 3 MATH 102 or 108 or 110 (GER) 3
HIST 256 (GER) 3 Natural Science Elective (GER) 3
31 PSYC 212 (GER) 3
Art Elective* 3 ART 304 3
ART 301 or 302 3 ART 384, 386, 480, 481, or 482 3
Art Electives** 12 ART 499 6
Art 383 3 Art Electives** 9
EDUC 312, 317, 321 6 ENGL 366 (GER) 3
Natural Science Electives (GER) 6 PSYC 311 (GER) 3
33 27
EDUC 309, 313, 368, 369, 405, 441, 463, 465 24
Electives 6

Total Hours Required for Combined Degree: 156

*200-level or above
**300-level or above

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