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Shawn Mauldin, Ph.D., CPA, CMA, CFP
Professor of Accounting
Dean of the College of Business Administration
Office:106 White Hall


The College of Business Administration is to be recognized as a leader in business education.


The College of Business Administration prepares students to contribute to a dynamic global economy and diverse workforce as well-educated, responsible business professionals by continuously improving its teaching, research and service.


The College of Business Administration supports the Nicholls creed, affirming “values that promote citizenship, concern for self and others, and the desire for a better world,† and embraces as its core values:

  • DIVERSITY: We respect differences among members of society by providing a nurturing and tolerant environment.
  • EXCELLENCE: We strive to achieve the highest quality in all endeavors. We strive for excellence in teaching, research, and service, and empowerment through learning.
  • INTEGRITY: We strive to be fair and truthful in all instances.
  • LEADERSHIP: We are good stewards and representatives of the university because we value our collective role as a regional leader and model for all we serve.
  • RESPECTFULNESS: We commit to the customs and amenities of a civil society. We respect the rights of others and are responsive to the needs and interests of our constituents.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We are responsible for our actions. We adhere to the doctrine of individual accountability in all our activities and contributions.


The College of Business Administration is accredited at the undergraduate and graduate levels by the AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).


The undergraduate student base is composed of traditional and nontraditional students primarily from the Southeastern Louisiana region. Students in the baccalaureate degree programs are generally first generation college students from the region immediately surrounding Nicholls – over 90% enter as graduates from high schools in the nine-parish (county) area surrounding the university. Two parishes alone account for 57% of the enrollment. There is approximately equal gender representation among the students in these programs. Traditional students under the age of 25 comprise 75% of baccalaureate enrollment, and 80% are full-time. The graduates of the four-year degree programs are primarily employed by businesses in Louisiana.

The graduate student base is comprised of a more geographically diverse student population which includes over 20% from countries other than the United States. Seventy percent of the students in this 33-hour program are from an eight-parish area surrounding the university. France supplies the single largest number of international students, largely because of exchange programs with several French business schools. Approximately 60% of the graduate students are males, and 60% of the students are attending part-time. The typical graduate locates in Southeast Louisiana, although a significant number of graduates locate outside the state, and international students generally return to their home countries.

The employer community is comprised of retail, service, wholesale, manufacturing, and construction concerns operated by individuals from eclectic ethnic and gender backgrounds. Petroleum related industries and shipbuilding operations are common. Employers are largely regional but with increasing national and international activities. The employer community is represented by an Executive Advisory Board.

The faculty is comprised of over thirty-eight full-time, qualified individuals. These persons are actively engaged in intellectual development activities of various kinds and are involved with professional and academic organizations. That involvement is supported by the College. The faculty members believe in providing excellence in education with a personal touch.



  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • General Business Concentration
    • Entrepreneurship Concentration
    • Financial Services Marketing Concentration
    • Pre-Law Concentration
    • Multinational Business Concentration
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Finance
  • Management
    • General Management Concentration
    • Health Care Management Concentration
    • Human Resources Management Concentration
  • Marketing
    • General Marketing Concentration
    • Professional Sales Concentration


All minors in the College of Business require 18 hours with a minimum grade of C in each course. See programs in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Management and Marketing for specific course requirements.

Economics Minor

To obtain a minor in Economics students must complete ECON 211, 212, 6 hours of 300 or 400 level Economics courses, and 6 hours of 400-level Economics courses, for a total of 18 semester hours.   Students must earn at least a grade of C in all Economics courses.

Foundation Knowledge for Business

To ensure a foundation knowledge for business, all students within the College of Business Administration, working toward a bachelor of science degree, are required to complete 42 hours of core courses:

  • ACCT 205 (3)
  • ACCT 206 (3) or 221 (3)
  • BSAD 221 (3)
  • BSAD 310 (3) or ENGL 310 (3)
  • BSAD 490 (3)
  • CIS 231 (3)
  • QBA 282 (3)
  • QBA 285 (3)
  • ECON 211 (3)
  • ECON 212 (3)
  • FINC 302 (3)
  • MNGT 301 (3)
  • MNGT 368 (3)
  • MKTG 300 (3)

Minimum Requirements for College of Business Administration Majors to begin 300-level Business Courses

Majors must meet university requirements and have at least 60 hours of course credits (excluding developmental courses) with a 2.0 GPA prior to beginning 300-level courses in the College of Business Administration.

Minimum Requirements for Graduation from the College of Business Administration with a Bachelor Degree

  • Meet the general education requirements of the university.
  • Complete a major field of study as shown by the various curricula offered in the College of Business Administration and where applicable, meet the requirements of the Department in which the work is taken.
  • Earn at least a C in courses taken to meet the university’s mathematics requirements, generally, MATH 101 and MATH 106.
  • Earn at least a C in the College of Business Administration’s “foundation  of knowledge for business” courses, specifically: ACCT 205 and 206 or  221; BSAD 221 and 310 or ENGL 310; BSAD 490; CIS 231; ECON 211  and 212; FINC 302; MNGT 301 and 368; MKTG 300; and QBA 282 and  285.
  • Earn a C or better in all major and  concentration courses with the exception of BSAD 101 and free  electives.
  • At least 50 percent of the business credit hours required for the  business degree must be earned at Nicholls.
  • Each undergraduate curriculum should have a general education component that normally comprises at least 50 percent of the student’s four year program. Up to nine semester hours of economics and up to six semester hours of statistics may be counted as part of the general education curriculum.


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