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Health Sciences Program

The university awards the Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences upon successful completion of a concentration curriculum listed below. The Health Sciences curriculum is designed for both the entry-level student and the credentialed health care professional. Health care professionals who have completed an Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree in a health related discipline and/or have professional credentials to practice in their respective fields and validated work experience as a health care provider may petition the department for Advanced Standing.

Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing may be granted to credentialed and/or licensed health care professionals enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences. The Advanced Standing pathway is designed to validate and award credit for existing knowledge while remaining consistent with the individuals current scope-of-practice. Upon completion of AHSC 440, 442, and 450, credentialed and/or licensed health care professionals, who have completed an accredited program recognized by a national or state health professions regulatory body, may be granted up to 30 hours of credit towards a Health Science Concentration.


Students must select a concentration area in Pre-Professional or Supervision and Management.

Pre-Professional Concentration (AHPR) is designed to prepare students seeking admission to a post-baccalaureate professional allied health program of study. Students can visit the American Medical Association’s website, www.ama-assn.org to obtain information on the vast array of allied health professions in the health care industry. Some examples include:

Anesthesiologist assistant Exercise science
Anesthesia technologist/technician Medical illustrator
Art therapist Occupational therapist
Chiropractor Orthoptist
Cytogenetic technologist Orthotist and prosthetist
Dance/movement therapist Pathologists’assistant
Dental Hygienist Perfusionist
Dentist Physical therapist
Diagnostic molecular scientist Physician assistant
(Be advised that Nicholls does not offer
any of the above professional programs.)

The curriculum includes natural sciences, such as biology, chemistry and physics as well as advanced courses in health sciences. Students will also gain valuable hands-on knowledge through clinical experiences directly related to their intended health care profession.

Students must declare an intended professional program of study upon entry into the College and maintain an overall GPA of 3.25 to graduate the degree with this concentration. Students are encouraged to maintain a 3.50 GPA in required professional school’s pre-requisite courses.

Supervision and Management (AHSM) – prepares students to assume middle management, supervisory, or coordinator positions in a health care agency or formal graduate study in health care management, public health, or health care administration and services.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences

  • (CLR) Computer Literacy Requirement;
  • (GER) General Education Requirement;
  • (OCR) Oral Communication Requirement;
  • (UR) University Requirement
BIOL 114-115, 116-117 (GER) 8 CHEM 101 or 105 (GER) 3
ENGL 101, 102, (GER) 6 Computer Literacy Course (CLR) 3
UNIV 101 (UR) 1 ENGL Literature Elective (GER) 3
HIST  Electives (GER) 6 Social Science Elective (200+) (GER) 3
MATH 101 or  117, 102 or 214(GER) 6 SPCH 101 (OCR) 3
PSYC 101 (GER) 3 Concentration Courses (See below) 17
  30   32
AHSC 408, 425 6 AHSC 412 or 436, 440, 442, 450 11
Fine Arts Elective (GER) 3 ENGL 310, 368, 468 or BSAD 310 (GER) 3
NURS 311 1 Approved Electives (300+) 18
Approved Electives (300+) 6   32
Concentration Courses (See below) 12    

Total Hours Required for Degree: 122

  • Pre-Professional Concentration (AHPR): 122
  • Supervision and Management Concentration (AHSM): 122


Courses in major should be taken in sequential order. Student should obtain curriculum sheet from department.

Pre-Professional Concentration (AHPR) (29 hours required)

ATTR 220 (3) PHYS 101 (3)
ATTR 280 (3) PHYS 103 (1)
BIOL 203 (3) Concentration Electives (12 sem.hrs.) from the following areas: AHSC, BIOL, CHEM, HPED, PHYS, PSYC, SOCI
BIOL 204 (1)
DIET 200 (3)


Supervision and Management Concentration (AHSM) (29 hours required)

Track A Track B
ACCT 205 (3) Advanced standing may be granted
to credentialed and/or licensed
health care professionals (30 sem.
ACCT 206 (3)
BSAD 221 (3)
CIS 231 (3)
ECON 255 (3)
HPED 270 (2)  
MNGT 301 (3)  
MKTG 300 (3)  
Electives (6)  


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