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PSET 100. Freshman Seminar for Petroleum Services Majors. 1-0-3. Open to Petroleum Services or Safety Technology majors only. Designed to aid students in the seven on/seven off program in adjusting to university life. Includes petroleum industry career opportunities. (Satisfies university freshman seminar requirement.) (15.0903)

PSET 121. Petroleum Computational Methods. 3-3-0. Charts, graphs, scientific calculators, digital and other computing devices used to solve problems in the petroleum industry. (15.0903)

PSET 131. Reservoir Fluids. 3-3-0. Permission of the director of Petroleum Services. The chemistry and physical properties of oil and gas. Su- odd years only. (15.0903)

PSET 171. Well Drilling. 3-3-0. Well drilling equipment and practices of the land and offshore petroleum industry. This course is also available via Internet. Basic computer knowledge is required for students enrolled in the Internet section. Su-even years only. (15.0903)

PSET 231. Gas Production. 3-3-0. The equipment, instrumentation and problems involved in the controlling, treating, measuring, and testing of natural gas. (15.0903)

PSET 290. Special Problems. 3-0-9. Permission of director of Petroleum Services. Selected topics for individual study or research under staff supervision. For Petroleum Services Technology majors. (15.0903)

PSET 301. Human Resources Utilization in the Petroleum Industry. 3-3-0. Concepts and principles of management and communication as they relate to the utilization of human resources within the petroleum industry. (15.0999)

PSET 302. Intercultural Communications. 3-3-0. Dimensions of cultural variability and psychocultural factors which help explain differences in communication across cultures. Emphasis is also on skill-building in intercultural communications, with culture-specific attention to those cultures with which petroleum services graduates are likely to interact in international oil markets. (15.0999)

PSET 305. Economics of the Petroleum Industry. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: PSET 121. Concepts of economics as applied to the petroleum industry. (15.0999)

PSET 310. Safety and Control Systems. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: PSET 121 and PSET 231. Pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical control, and safety systems with embedded course lab exercises. (15.0903)

PSET 330. Oral and Written Communications Applied to the Petroleum Industry Offshore Division. 3-3-0. Explores the use of language as a tool of management and subordinates in the petroleum service industry, especially in the off-shore division. Students focus on the vertical and lateral internal flow of communication through verbal interaction and written reports which are generated in for small group discussions, meetings, conferences, and research. (15.0903)

PSET 331. Methods of Artificial Lift. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: PSET 121 and PSET 231. Artificial lift methods employed in the extraction of well bore fluids. Includes gas lift, hydraulic, electrical and rod pumping design, installation, and operation. (15.0903)

PSET 341. Oil Production. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: PSET 121. Mechanical, hydraulic, and control of problems associated with free flowing and artificially lifted oil well. (15.0903)

PSET 371. Drilling Fluids. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: PSET 121 and PSET 171. Nature and control of drilling fluids as applied to drilling practices with embedded course lab exercises. Su- odd years only. (15.0903)

PSET 381. Well Completion, Service and Workover. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: PSET 121 and PSET 171. Well completion practices, and problems of service and repair of oil and gas wells on land and offshore locations with embedded course lab exercises. (15.0903)

PSET 384. Well Control. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: PSET 121 and PSET 171. Factors leading to well kicks, methods of controlling these factors: the equipment and procedures used to control kicks with embedded course lab exercises. Su- even years only. (15.0903)

PSET 401, 402. Cooperative Work Experience. 3-0-20 each. Prerequisite: Permission of the director of Petroleum Services. Supervised industrial experience related to academic studies. (15.0903)

PSET 452. Senior Seminar. 3-3-0. Analysis of selected petroleum industry problems under petroleum staff supervision. (15.0903)

PSET 477. Well Evaluation, Methods, and Procedures. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: PSET 121 and PSET 171. Equipment methods and procedures used to evaluate the drilled hole. (15.0903)


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